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.برای مشاهده ليست مرتب شده بر اساس عنوان، ارائه كننده يا سرفصل علمی، روی عنوان هر ستون كليك نماييد

RowTitlePresenting AuthorScientific ChapterAffiliation
1 Designing an artificial neural network model to determine the type and optimal initial dose of gonadotropin during the ovulation stimulation process Aliakbarlu Ali نازايي -
2 A case report on the treatment of infertility in a 36-year-old woman with multiple fibroids , endometriosis, and adhesions around the ovaries after 3 years of trying to get pregnant and unsuccessful I Alimiri Fariba مامايي (جنرال) -
3 updates in GTN management. Aminimoghaddam Soheila انکولوژي -
4 The new updates in GTN management. Aminimoghaddam Soheila انکولوژي -
5 Comparing the Effect of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and estrogen with estrogen alone on vulvo vaginal atrophy (VVA) and Stress urinary incontinence SUI Arbabi Bahareh کف لگن -
6 The effect of embryo transfer using abdominal and vaginal ultrasound methods on pregnancy outcome: a retrospective cohort study Azimi Samira نازايي -
7 Correlation Between Discordance of Anti-Mullerian Hormone and Antral Follicle Count and Outcomes of Ovarian Stimulation Cycles Esmaeili Samaneh نازايي -
8 A case report on the effectiveness of lifestyle modification on the successful pregnancy of a 34-year-old woman, amh: 0.4, prolactin 40, and severe endometriosis Gholabdooz Donya نازايي -
9 Severe early ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome following GnRH agonist trigger and freeze-all strategy in GnRH antagonist protocol; case report and literature review Hajizadeh Nazanin نازايي -
10 An Investigation of the Effect of Myomectomy on Anti-Mullerian Hormone Level in Women with Uterine Leiomyoma Hashemi Maryam نازايي -
11 Bioinformatics analysis of microarray data to identify hub genes, as diagnostic biomarker of HELLP syndrome: System biology approach Hazari Vajie پريناتولوژي -
12 Survival rates in endometrial cancer patients and prognostic factors affecting it Kamkari Sima انکولوژي -
13 Predictors of self-medication with herbal remedies during pregnancy based on the theory of planned behavior in Kashan, Iran Karimian Zahra مامايي (جنرال) -
14 Sexual Behaviors and Its Predictors among Iranian Women Living in Kashan City2017: A Cross-Sectional Study Karimian Zahra سلامت جنسي -
15 Superior hypogastric plexus block as an effective treatment method for endometriosis-related chronic pelvic pain: an open-label pilot clinical trial Kaveh Mania اندومتريوزيس و لاپاراسکوپي -
16 Iranian traditional medicine in the treatment of infertility with pcos KHAZAEI SANI MARYAM نازايي -
17 Assessment of the live birth rate after intrauterine insemination in women with low or very low levels of serum anti-Müllerian hormone Mehrafza Marzieh نازايي -
18 Validity and Reliability of the Persian Version of Uterine Fibroid Symptom and Health-related Quality of Life Questionnaire Najafiarab Hanieh زنان (جنرال) -
19 Cesarean Scar Pregnancy: A Rare and Challenging Clinical Entity Navali Nazli نازايي -
20 Correlation of obstructive defecatory symptoms with pelvic organ prolapse and anorectal manometry Pourali Leila کف لگن -
21 The relationship between the symptoms of pelvic floor disorders and the stage of pelvic organ prolapse and quality of life Pourali Leila کف لگن -
22 Comparison of chlamydia infection rates in women with miscarriage or infertility compared to the control group using Real Time PCR Rasekh Jahromi Athar نازايي -
23 Using machine learning algorithms to predict live birth before the in vitro fertilization process Sadeghi Bidmeshki Mohammadreza نازايي -
24 The early versus standard administration of cabergoline to prevent ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) undergoing ICSI cycles. Shahhosseini Roza نازايي -
25 The value of miR-429 expression in predicting the prognosis of triple-negative breast cancer Sheikhvatan Mherdad انکولوژي -
26 Comparing the efficacy of oral, sublingual and buccal misoprostol for induction of labor in pregnant women with premature rupture of membrane Vatanchi Atiyeh زنان (جنرال) -
27 Evaluation of the cutoff point and diagnostic value of the neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio in predicting ovarian cancer compared to pathological findings Amiri Amiri انکولوژي -
28 Outpatient cervical ripening with misoprostol to prevent post-term pregnancy: a double blind randomized clinical trial Ayati Sedigheh زنان (جنرال) -
29 The effect of lifestyle change in the treatment of infertility in a 28-year-old woman with polycystic ovary syndrome and husband's sperm disorders and failed IUI twice. Azizi Halaleh نازايي -
30 Pregnancy after breast cancer Choobsaz Fereshete زنان (جنرال) -
31 The effectiveness of lifestyle modification in infertility in a 23-year-old woman with polycystic ovary Eshghparast Mansoreh نازايي -
32 : Investigation of menstrual disorders in systemic lupus erythematosus Patients. Fatemi Seyed Alireza زنان (جنرال) -
33 sexually transmitted infections global challenge of reproductive health in youth and adolescents Gerami Shahnoosh سلامت جنسي -
34 A Comparative Study of IVF Outcomes in Three Pre-treatment Methods (Dienogest, OCP, Decapeptyl) Following Frozen Embryo Transfer in Patients with Stage 3 and 4 Endometriosis Ghasemi Tehrani Hatav نازايي -
35 Evaluation of the effect of oral treatment with metronidazole and levofloxacin on increasing fertility after at least two failed IVFs Ghasemi Tehrani Hatav نازايي -
36 Comparison of three methods of stimulation in poor ovarian responder's women that undergo Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), a randomized clinical trial. Ghasemi Tehrani Hatav نازايي -
37 A case report on the effectiveness of lifestyle modification in the treatment of infertility in a 43-year-old woman diagnosed with endometriosis and endometrioma cysts. Ghourbannezhad Kousar نازايي -
38 Empty follicle syndrome following GnRH agonist stimulation, in a PCO patient treated with HCG rescue protocol, resulting in 3PN formation Hajizadeh Nazanin نازايي -
39 Pregnancy Rates of Embryo Transfer: Measuring the Uterus Length with Transvaginal Ultrasound in Art Freeze Cycles Compared with the Conventional Experimental Method Hazari Vajie نازايي -
40 Title: Effectiveness of healthy lifestyle in the treatment of infertility caused by low endometrial wall thickness in a 40-year-old woman after three failed IUIs. Heidary naeej Zeinab نازايي -
41 The effect of different types of sperm morphological abnormalities on ICSI outcomes in couples undergoing ART cycles Hosseini Sahar نازايي -
42 Evaluation of the relationship between genital infections and embryo transfer results in infertile women who undergo frozen embryo transfer in the infertility ward of Shariati Hospital in 1399-1400 Hosseinimousa Sedigheh نازايي -
43 Evaluation of Fertility Outcomes after Laparoscopic Salpingectomy for Tubal Ectopic Pregnancy Hosseinimousa Sedigheh زنان (جنرال) -
44 The Evaluation of the Effects of Metformin plus Insulin Therapy versus Insulin Therapy Alone In Prevention of Pre-Eclampsia among Pregnant Females with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Javaheri koupaei Sedigheh مامايي (جنرال) -
45 بررسی مصرف خودسرانه گیاهان دارویی توسط مادران در دوره بارداری، پس از زایمان و در نوزادانشان در زنان مراجعه کننده به مراکز بهداشتی درمانی شهر کاشان Karimian Zahra مامايي (جنرال) -
46 Comparison of diagnostic accuracy of saline infusion sonohysterography, transvaginal sonography, and hysteroscopy in evaluating the endometrial polyps in women with abnormal uterine bleeding: a syst Kaveh Mania اندومتريوزيس و لاپاراسکوپي -
47 Spontaneous rupture of uterine during pregnancy after laparoscopic myomectomy; a case report Khanjani Somayeh پريناتولوژي -
48 A study on the association between demographic and clinical characteristics of ectopic pregnancy cases and treatment outcomes Mohammadian Shima مامايي (جنرال) -
49 Clear cell carcinoma of the ovary and venous thromboembolism: a systematic review and meta-analysis Najafiarab Hanieh انکولوژي -
50 Evaluation of Human Papillomavirus in the Semen of Infertile Men and Its Relationship with Semen Quality Niakan Sarah نازايي -
51 A case report on the effectiveness of lifestyle modification in the treatment of infertility in a 32-year-old woman diagnosed with 0.7 ovarian reserve Poorhousein Parizad Sahar نازايي -
52 Menopause and other Factors Associated with Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) in old women: A Systematic Review and Update Qaderi Kowsar زنان (جنرال) -
53 Iranian HPV-positive women's sexual life Qaderi Kowsar سلامت جنسي -
54 Pulmonary emboli (PE) in a known case of Immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) postpartum; a case report Razi Khosroshahi Marjan پريناتولوژي -
55 The effectiveness of lifestyle modification in the treatment of infertility due to endometrioma and reduction of ovarian reserve in a 35-year-old woman. Rezaei Seyede zahra نازايي -
56 Effect of auriculotherapy on labor duration: systematic review and meta-analysis Sharifipour Foruzan مامايي (جنرال) -
57 The effectiveness of lifestyle modification in the treatment of infertility due to amh = 0.11 and fsh=24 and the possibility of premature menopause And the offer of egg donation from the specialist Soltanidehshoeibi Fatemeh نازايي -
58 Sexual dysfunction in infertile women: a review study Sourinejad Hadis سلامت جنسي -
59 Effects of Acupressure points on labor pain reduction and create a pleasant childbirth Sourinejad Hadis مامايي (جنرال) -
60 Comparison of normal delivery outcome with and without episiotomy in nulliparous mothers in Mobini Hospital in Sabzevar Sovizi Behnaz زنان (جنرال) -
61 Investigating the effect of ascorbic acid sustain release system on vaginal flora pH balance to suppress bacterial vaginosis Tabesh Hadi زنان (جنرال) -
62 Investigating the effect of injectable temperature-sensitive hydrogel containing micelles loaded with clotrimazole and silver nanoparticles: towards an effective treatment of vaginal candidiasis Tabesh Hadi زنان (جنرال) -
63 Design, fabrication, and characterization of a curcumin-controlled release Nano system with vaginal injection capability and its effects on ovarian cancer cells Tabesh Hadi انکولوژي -
64 Investigating strategies to reduce unnecessary cesarean sections Yazdizadeh Vahideh مامايي (جنرال) -
65 Examination of urinary-genital syndrome in menopause and how to manage it Yazdizadeh Vahideh کف لگن -
66 Exploring Uncharted Territories: The Intersection of Psychosexual Problems and Risky Behaviors Zarei Rezvan سلامت جنسي -
67 sex steroids (E2, progesterone, and AMH) levels and Menopausal Status are related to the Morbidity and Mortality of COVID-19: A Systematic Review Qaderi Kowsar Other related topics -

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